Kill Ken, Fuck Barbie

Dip me in chocolate sause and throw me to the lesbian.

zaterdag, maart 26, 2005


donderdag, maart 10, 2005


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Let's play my own version of lingo! Invent a Dutch logical sentence. The last word of this sentence has to be the Englisch translation of the word for that. Let's try it, for example:

-Als ervaren badkamer verhuizer, was hij een bedreven douche sjouwer (shower).
-Ik heb een rose pink.
- Ik loop de deur door.
- Ik vond dat die zee op een meer leek (lake).

Now, you get it? Try it yourself!

vrijdag, februari 25, 2005

Jill Scott

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If you had a nightmare, it doesn't mean you'll stop dreaming.

donderdag, februari 24, 2005


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I play rugby now for 6 months with girls from R.C. Eemland and The Pink panthers. We call ourselves The EempantherLadies.
Like to see us play a match? Go to our website. There you can see photo's, our match-schedule and a visitorsbook.

woensdag, februari 23, 2005

The Aria Crown

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I live in Palace Aria. Together with Queen Arlen and King Ronald. 0ur f*cking Aria party's are the best. The next party is expected in the summer: The F*cking Aria Balcony Party. And we expect one with Halloween (how suprising): The F*cking Aria Halloween Party.

Miss Barbie

Miss Barbie
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So typical. Another Miss Universe with blond, long & curly hair and blue eyes.